25 September 2007


On Sunday, we went for a drive to Montopolis Supply in search of gutter materials for the deck. Just before taking the on-ramp onto the freeway, a canoe in front of the pawn shop caught Shand's eye. Being a lazy day, we pulled over. In the front parking lot, amidst bicycles and lawnmowers and the featured canoe, the owner of the pawn shop had set up a smoker where he was grilling carnitas and hot dogs. He offered us hot dogs and cokes, perhaps in hopes that we would purchase the canoe. After looking at the guitars and amplifiers inside, we went to claim our free hot dogs. We weren't hungry, but who passes up a free hot dog?

And there I stood, with a hot dog in one hand and a Hill Country Fair Cola in the other, in front of a pawn shop, a couple of doors down from a Lutheran Church, at the foot of a ramp to highway that connects to one of the largest north-south Interstates.

This is America.


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