25 September 2007


For a brief period of time, on a flight from Austin to Mexico City, I was Undercover American Girl. The flight attendant purposely did not hand me a tourist visa, because she assumed I was a Mexican national. Perhaps ordering orange juice and accepting a snack box had not given away my subtle lack of Mexican national accent (yes, I am fluent, but my Spanish accent has developed a slight lisp, perhaps influenced by living in Austin for too long).

At any rate, most of the rest of my life, I exist as Undercover Mexican Girl. As a result, I am privy to some absurd comments made about "Mexicans." I'll list a few I've heard in the last couple of months:

1) The market in Mexico is growing for Colgate products because recently more Mexicans have started to brush their teeth (this was stated by an educated professional investor).
2) This bus is so crowded! It's those damn Mexicans.
3) I don't drink Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico. Who knows what the hygiene in those factories is like.

Maybe Mexicans prefer Crest. And every Mexican I've ever known has always brushed their teeth. Second - Mexicans might be crowding the bus, but at least they are not polluting the world with another SUV. Third - keep drinking your American Coca-Cola, made with corn syrup instead of real sugar.

Thank you for reading this public service announcement.


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