18 April 2010

The Cupcake Bandidos

The Cupcake Bandidos from Alexandra Landeros on Vimeo.
An Undercover Mexican Girl Production, Catahoula Press Studios (c) 2010.

The filmmaking process began in December 2009, when we were out in Terlingua, Texas with a lot of time and creativity on our hands. We didn't have a plot or a script, or real actors, and we filmed it with a Standard Definition Flip video camera. 

After reviewing the footage from that first filming period, a plot began to surface. We went back in February 2010 to film additional scenes, this time with the video feature of our 2006 Canon Powershot A520 still camera. What made up for lack of acting skills and technical equipment was the amazing scenery.

Now, I present to you, my first no-budget film short.


p.s. the film debuted at the Terlingua Green Scene Festival on April 10, 2010.

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