05 August 2010

30-Day Challenge, Money Back Guarantee

I've challenged my brother to a 30-day blog-writing challenge. So here's day 1. The idea is to apply self-discipline to daily eating, drinking, exercise, writing, and anything you need to improve upon habits.

For me, it's writing. I vow to write every day, because I'm a writer, and I don't write enough. But since my brother is improving two habits at once - staying sober and writing about it - I must choose another, to be fair.

So, I vow to also do one thing every day to contribute to my soon-to-launch freelance writing and editing business. The key word here is business. I must work on things like designing my website, marketing, and networking. I will create. But I will also sell. Too often, I've created something that has never been exposed for entertainment and/or monetary value.

Time to cash in.

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