07 August 2010

Work Places

Places of work are usually the least productive environments. I have not done extensive research, but I've read a few bits of social commentary and studies published in the news. Most importantly, I know what I need - as a human - and I would bet that my needs are not uncommon.

It's just a matter of intuition and logic.

Answer the following questionnaire:

1) Do you prefer (a) fresh air or (b) conditioned air, when the weather's nice out?  (Understandably, when it's extremely hot or cold outside, even I prefer a bit of recycled cooled or warmed air.)
2) Do you prefer (a) natural sunlight or (b) fluorescent light bulbs?
3) Do you prefer working in (a) a controlled, quiet environment, or (b) one that can erupt in chaos and noise any given moment?
4) Do you prefer working in a situation where, (a) if you can't focus, it's okay to pick up a musical instrument or ride your bike around the neighborhood? Or would you rather work under circumstances where, (b) if you can't focus, you must sit there and pretend to look busy?
5) Do you think you'd appreciate your coworkers more if you saw them (a) 5-10 hours a week or (b) 40-50 hours a week?

I think most people would answer (a) to most of the questions above.  And really, with computers and the internet, home can be a very productive place to work for most people.  If the argument against a non-office-based work environment is that people will not get their work done, well, I'd say then let natural selection weed those people out.

Imagine how much more effectively and frugally businesses could run if they allowed their employees to be happier and more productive by working in comfortable environments. I'll gladly pay my utility bill, and save you - the business - the cost of paying for my lighting, climate, parking, furniture, coffee, and birthday cake needs.

p.s. freelance business progress of the day: designed website template for current restaurant client.

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  1. HA! Birthday cakes! This was great and wildly entertaining. I want to go ride my bike to focus. I'm at home working. I'd rather be bored at home working than bored somewhere else working and have a boss come around every once and a while jotting down information on a notepad on "how bored i look".