01 September 2010

In Absentia

For the past 19 days, I've been keeping myself so busy that I haven't had time to work on this blog. (Ok, that's not true - there's always time to write a post. Instead, I foolishly spent such times Googling and Facebooking, watching undeserving movies, or observing my dogs' comical behavior.)

During these last three weeks, my family visited from Los Angeles - among many activities, went to the LBJ Library twice in two days (I've lived in Austin 12 years and had never gone), hung out in Luckenbach and Albert, posed with a longhorn, and discovered a great band called Shawn Nelson and the Ramblers.  I also helped a friend launch two online businesses, met with friends about exciting upcoming projects, overhauled our home desktop computer, built a website for El Sol y Luna Restaurant, built a website for Plum (details coming soon), wrote an article for the September issue of TODO Austin, and partly funded (mom funded half) the installing of the new door between the kitchen and garage (picture coming soon) as part of the great garage remodel (goals: improve aesthetics and productivity, control climate, and let in light).

The question is - why am I not a yet a millionaire?


Chronicles of Undercover Mexican Girl will be back in daily business tomorrow.

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