03 September 2010

Why You Do What You Do

Answer this quiz. Analyze your own results!

1) I wear high heels because they
a) are seriously comfortable.
b) make me look fashionable.
c) attract men.
d) I don't wear high heels. I prefer comfort, and I am fashionable and attract men without having to wear them.

2) I wear cologne/perfume because
a) smelling human, even if I don't have body odor, is disgusting.
b) I want to smell fashionable.
c) it attracts men/women.
d) I don't wear cologne/perfume because I don't like to smell like chemicals and intoxicate everyone in the elevator.

3) I drive a sporty car because
a) who knows, I might have to take it up to 100mph on my way to the grocery store or to work.
b) I want to look fashionable.
c) it attracts women and/or makes me more manly.
d) I don't drive a sporty car. Or a car at all for that matter. I am not interested in people that care about cars.

4) The reason I like certain bands/music is because
a) I saw it on the top 100 on iTunes.
b) that's what the cool people are listening to.
c) it makes me sexy.
d) it's appealing to me. What's iTunes? What's everyone listening to these days?

5) I judge a good movie by
a) its starring celebrities.
b) its rating at the box office.
c) how much money it took to make it.
d) whether it was made somewhere between 1963 and 1979.

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