19 August 2011

Cowboy boots aren't just for Texans

I grew up in Southern California - the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area, to be exact. Not exactly rural. The only cowboy boots to be seen around were in Hollywood, usually worn by women to give a unique twist to a glam rock outfit or perhaps by the Nashvillian musician coming out west to try his luck on the big screen.

Since moving to Austin, I've gradually adopted Texan ways. "Y'all" slips into my speech every now and then, I've developed a slight drawl and started dropping g's at the end of my words, I enjoy a cold Lone Star on the porch during an old-timey music jam, and I get cold when it drops below 80 degrees. But I never thought I'd own a pair of cowboy boots.

When I first started a job with the Texas FFA (Future Farmers of America), one of the perks was receiving a complimentary pair of boots from Justin, who was a sponsor of the non-profit. I reluctantly accepted the offer, thinking I'd order a pair that would sit my closet collecting dust or get pawned off on Ebay. I flipped through the catalog to find the most basic, comfortable looking, plain black boots I could find.

The day I got the boots, though, I was drawn to the shiny, dark leather and the classic, stitched pattern. I immediately put them on, and I felt as if they had meant to be on my feet all my life. That night, I went to see a traditional Irish band play in Niederwald, Texas - I danced for hours wearing my brand new pair of boots. My feet were not even a tiny bit sore the next day. These boots were magical!

I have worn them almost every day since I first got them in June of 2006, and I even bought another pair of the exact same kind (one pair are my city boots, and the other are for the desert in Terlingua). I'm ready for a third pair - although I might opt for brown this time to add a little variety to my wardrobe. After that, I might have to get red, then multi-colored...yes, I'm hooked on boots.

And here's a fun little video about those pointy, elf-like boots you've been seeing around lately - "botas picudas" or "chuntaros":

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