01 October 2011

Plastic Bag Ban Is a Violation of American Right to Pollute

All over the United States, local governments and community organizations have been banding together to ban the use of plastic bags at retail and grocery stores.

Environmentalists have finally brought it to mainstream attention that they are creating serious waste problems. The plastic bags are collecting in mounds in urban areas, trapped in fences and trees. They also appear on roadsides in the wide open country, and they even wind up in our oceans and soil where they break down into toxic bits.

But the people of America are downright outraged by this move to ban plastic bags! With over 100 billion bags used per year, and a little over 300 million Americans, that's an average of one plastic bag per person per day. Anyone can quit drinking or smoking if they put their mind to it, and people have been known to go days without food and water, but what's a person to do without a plastic bag?

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