13 April 2012

Backyard Chickens – Not Just for Hipsters or Mexicans

Chickens at Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms
I live in a South Austin working-class neighborhood that is mostly Mexican and Mexican-American. It’s south of Travis Heights, so it’s not quite trendy. It’s north of the mini-mansion developments, so the houses are much more modestly sized and lived in.

There is no cool coffee shop within walking distance, and we don’t have a homeowners association. No one dictates how to mow the lawn or the acceptable exterior color scheme. I like the houses painted lime green or purple. I like the Virgen de Guadalupe shrines in the front yards. I like to see nopales growing wild.

But I admit – I don’t always like it when my street is lined up with cars, and my parking spot is gone. And I especially didn’t like it when my next-door neighbors, a construction family from Mexico, had chickens. Actually, I liked the chickens. I just didn’t appreciate the rooster crowing at three in the morning. When the rooster disappeared, there was no one to protect the chickens from danger. Except for the timid poodle-like dog that would bark all night at intruding possums or cats.

What are your thoughts on backyard chickens? Read the rest of the original article published in LatinoMetro.

View a slide show from the tour:

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