03 May 2012

The South Austin Torta Experience

Everyone’s always raving about the Mexican taco trucks in East Austin, and the Latin American fusion cuisine downtown, but who is talking about the tortas in South Austin? As a fourteen-year resident of the lower regions of Austin, south of Ben White, I consider anything past the Capitol “north.” I hate driving. I dream of one day living in a car-less town where everyone walks, bikes, and rides public transportation. But that’s for another story.

Most taquerias you visit around Austin are “estilo jalisciense” (Jalisco style). Some of these taco places even get a little fancy with their tortas cubanas, but you haven’t experienced the full extent of a torta until you’ve had a torta chilanga. But you should always ask about the fillings to be sure, because both of these vary depending on where you go.

Read the rest of the original article published in LatinoMetro.

What's your favorite place to get tortas, and which torta would you recommend? I'd like to know! Maybe when I'm in your town I can try them out.

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