05 October 2007


Anna Oakley: i love the internet
Undercover Mexican Girl: it's my addiction. i've been using it ever since it was possible, since prodigy was online but not really the internet yet. i started sending out e-mails when it looked like an MS-DOS screen. when i was in boarding school, on the weekends, i'd drag out my little PS/1 and hook it up the hallway phone line to get dialup. can you say junkie? 17 years and counting.
Anna Oakley: im more like 14 years.., when we first discovered chat rooms we were addicted. I couldnt grasp the concept of talking to strangers onthe other side of the world in real time...now i think chat rooms are GAY.
Anna Oakley: maybe i should comment that chat rooms with people you actually KNOW are not so gay. but chat rooms designed for the sole purpose of "hooking up" are gay.. and i dont mean gay in a derogatory way towards the homosexual lifestyle.. gay as if to say "strange and corny". boy... when your words are publised to the world you really gotta clarify dont you.
Anna Oakley: i hate the internet


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