14 November 2007


My car broke down a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure if I am ever getting it fixed. It might be on its way to the graveyard. I tried bicycling to work. But that requires excellent reflexes and a courage in the face of death by angry automobile. So I am now taking the bus to work five days a week. Every day, a different type of crazy rides the bus. I'll keep a running list and update it daily. (Or at least once a week.)

Nov. 14 - dude intensely playing imaginary set of drums in a heavy metal band
Nov. 16 - woman asking forgiveness for her sins
Nov. 21 - older man who talks back to automated bus voice
Nov. 27 - young, chic woman singing in operatic R&B voice about being a shepherd of Christ
Nov. 29 - kid with compulsion to repetitively recite everything he saw out the window


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