11 August 2010

Letter to the City and the Media regarding The Best Wurst

Dear Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin City Council, and City of Austin Managers:

Currently, the City of Austin finds that The Best Wurst is in full compliance with codes, and that the charges leveled against The Best Wurst by Parkside are unsubstantiated. Parkside has not made its case to appeal The Best Wurt’s permit, as laid out by the City’s guidelines. I am asking the City of Austin to issue The Best Wurst their permit to vend at 305 E. 6th Street, as there should be no reason for further delay or deny, given that:
  • Permits are site-specific and no other locations available on East 6th Street.
  • The Best Wurst food does not compete with Parkside; Parkside’s happy hour is between 5-7 PM and The Best Wurst begins operating after 7 PM.
  • Parkside has not made its case in its appeals to the City to have The Best Wurst’s permit revoked.
  • The Best Wurst provides a much needed late night, inexpensive food service to 6th Street goers.
  • In its 17 years of operation, The Best Wurst has maintained impeccable vending and health records with the City of Austin.
Jon Notarthomas deserves the respect and support of our current community and civic leaders to help The Best Wurst stay where it has stood for the past 17 years. I urge you to review the false and unsubstantiated allegations being made by the Parkside’s owners against The Best Wurst.

I, along with thousands of others in this town, call on the City of Austin to renew The Best Wurst’s license to operate on the corner of 6th and San Jacinto, which will allow Jon Notarthomas to sustain his business and employees, as well as continue paying his loans for the infrastructure (kitchen, warehouse, and vehicles) he has acquired to run his food service. I hope that you will be able to use your leadership to influence Parkside to adopt a spirit of sharing and collaboration – in the way that McKlusky’s and The Best Wurst maintained a very fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship for over a decade.

My community and the members thereof are important to me. While I commend the City of Austin Transportation Department for ensuring that my downtown public right-of-way of spaces remain free of obstructions, are safe for pedestrians, and create positive environments for the citizens and tourists of Austin, and I encourage them to continue to do so, I also recognize that small food vendors like The Best Wurst are an important asset to the vibrancy and identity of Austin. I hope that the City of Austin, in a spirit of compromise and tolerance, can find a way to help these two neighbors live together amicably on the same corner and continue their remarkable success. I hope that as my leaders, you are willing and able to facilitate such a compromise.

Many thanks to you for your service to the greater Austin community.

Undercover Mexican Girl

Dear Austin Media:
If you need a skilled proofreader or a writer, please consider hiring me. If not, below are a few typos you should fix:

paragraph 4: it's -- its
paragraph 8: Cikeil -- Cirkiel
paragraph 9: permeneantly -- permanently
paragraph 12: Protest -- protest
paragraph 15: sathey -- say they
paragraph 16: Cirkeil -- Cirkiel

Fox 7
title: Fueds -- Feuds

Austin American-Statesman
paragraph 2: McClusky’s -- McKlusky's

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