10 August 2010

Why I'd Never Get Bored

I've had a similar conversation with many friends and acquaintances in which they say they would get bored after a while without full-time job. I argue that I wouldn't.

These are the things I am compelled to do and can't seem to fit into my evenings and weekends:
  • Make a film in each of the following genres: noir, documentary, spy
  • Write every day
  • Write a short story collection
  • Write a novel
  • Read every day
  • Ride my bicycle every day
  • Grow a garden that supplies me with all the vegetables I need on a daily basis
  • Build a coop and maintain chickens as pets and for their eggs
  • Practice the violin every day
  • Practice the piano every day
  • Play music with others around campfires, and on porches and decks
  • Decoupage boxes
  • Promote and manage Shand's music
  • Help my friends start their non-profit projects
  • Run Plum, my soon-to-launch freelance writing and editing business
  • Travel the world
 Maybe I should figure out how to make all of the above part of my job.

p.s. Freelance business progress of the day: revised website template for restaurant client

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