09 August 2010

Simple Office Rules to Live By

1) Unless everyone has the same musical tastes as you and wants to listen to music at the same times you do, use headphones. And if you use headphones, please keep the volume to yourself.  Also, please do not hum along to your music.  That, too, defeats the purpose of headphones.

2) If you replace the regular paper in the printer or copier with a specialty paper, please remove it after you are done.  It's easier for you to this, than for the rest of us to have to double check the tray each time, just in case.  Also, this will prevent unnecessary wasting of paper.

3) Please don't take it personally if I do not take you up on your invites to the Sunday church ladies' group or the Thursday happy hour at the hippest bar in town.  I promise I won't be offended if you decide not to join me on my Saturday morning bike ride around my neighborhood, or help me pull weeds in my herb garden.

4) If I am considerate enough to answer your question or provide you with information in a timely manner, with a pleasant attitude, I hope you will do the same.

5) Politics, religion, my lifestyle, and what I'm eating for lunch is my own business.

p.s. freelance business progress of the day: wrote copy for current online retail client.

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