About UMG

Undercover Mexican Girl spent her childhood between Aguascalientes, Mexico and Los Angeles, California. Ever since she was old enough to write, she made her own books - from the story to the binding to the hand-drawn barcode. At some point, she went to college and earned a BA in History from Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University at San Marcos. She has lived in Austin since 1998.

She's worked (for pay) as a violin shop manager, a film production assistant, a high school and college teacher, freelance writer and editor, in the non-profit world doing public relations and development, and in the start-up world doing social media marketing for Descuento Libre. She's also worked (for no pay) as an actor, filmmaker, musician/violinist, decoupager, preacher and doer of sustainable living, gardener, and adventurer. She dreams of one day building her home from scratch in the West Texas desert and living off the land.

You can read more of her writing on Ecoloxica, LatinoMetro, Popular Hispanics, and the Austin Post.

Influenced by:
Paul Bowles
Kay Boyle
Vera Brittain
Alistair Cooke  
Seth Godin
Federico Fellini
John Fante

Rory Gallagher
Mitch Hedberg
Elia Kazan
Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
James Howard Kunstler
Jean-Luc Godard
Vik Muniz
Michael C. Ruppert
Ai Weiwei
The Pogues
The Rolling Stones
Silver Liberation Army